Rehearsal Show, 09.03.2017

Rehearsal Show, 09.03.2017
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Exclusive Live Rehearsal Show / Berlin  (€ 210 plus VAT) Exclusive live... mehr
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Exclusive Live Rehearsal Show / Berlin (€ 210 plus VAT)

Exclusive live rehearsal show open to a small amount of guests. Venue announced only to ticket buyers one day before the show.

  • be the first to see the brand new show in Berlin and attend the dress rehearsal
  • very limited amount of tickets
  • Treehouse Concierge Service
  • special Dream Machine goodie bag included

*Absolutely no cameras or any other recording devices will be allowed for the rehearsal to insure there is no filming or recording of the songs.

No extra ticket will be needed. The rehearsal will take place in the evening hours.

"Rehearsal Show, 09.03.2017"